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Learning coverThe way to access Powerful learning is to take advantage of what we are all born to do naturally.


The problem is that much of what we are born to do naturally is invisible.  It’s a little bit like the fish who cannot recognize the water it swims in.


But when we slow down, unpack the pieces and the steps, and put them back together again consciously, the results can be amazing.


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This book pulls together some of the best strategies on learning for those who want to do it themselves.  It’s also a great resource for parents, educators, managers and more.  And it is grounded in the best of what research shows us about how people learn.


Geoffrey's story

I know because I have had to do it:  

  • as a law student and then professor of law,

  • as education services manager of a national software company in Australia,

  • as an educational consultant throughout the US and in many other countries,

  • as an immigrant twice over – from South Africa to Australia and then to the U.S. – and more.

I’ve also explored the research on learning in many different fields – ranging from neuroscience and psychology to stress theory and creativity. My wife and I have coauthored 9 books on learning and education and our books and ideas are used throughout the world.