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There is more to listening than meets the eye.

Listening ranges from very practical skills to sublime foundations for a philosophy of life.


“You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.”

M.Scott Peck


We touch into many places along this continuum to explore how they are all connected. They include:

  •  Foundations - the five pillars of listening.
  • Basic Skills - introduced in our ebook 9 Skills for Listening to LIfe.
  • The power of context - introduced in our ebook 5 Elements for Creating a Culture of Listening.
  • Listening styles - used in conjunction with our identity styles profile (coming soon).
  • How to ask good questions - (in our e-book, coming soon).
  • Anything interesting about listening. - check my blog
  • Listening as a spiritual path (on its way).