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If you are genuinely interested in helping others to learn more effectively and listen more deeply, join us in our campaign against “learning.”

Against the WORD “learning.”

The word “learning” is grossly overused, very poorly understood, is the single biggest obstacle to improving education, and could be ruining your professional life.
Test this for yourself this for yourself.
Question:  How often do “experts” – educators, researchers, professors, policy makers, journalists, and people in business use the word “learning” without defining it?
Answer: Almost always.
Question: How many different meanings are there of the word “learning.”
Answer:  At least 11.  Click here to “learn” more.
Question:  How can anyone possibly get from here to there if there are 11 different “there’s” and not one of them is actually spelled out?
Answer:  They can’t
Question: Given the millions of dollars and thousands of hours that schools, districts and governments spend on education reform, how much time do they actually devote to deeply understanding the actual learning outcomes they are seeking?
Answer:  Almost none.
Question:  How does all of this apply to you?
Answer:  (Fill in the blank).